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Handbags are Unbeatable Styling for any Women

Monday, December 23rd, 2013

It is an open secret that handbags and purses are actually a lifeline for girls and women; they will do anything to get and keep one. This is where they keep everything that you can consider important as they move; makeup, cell phone, credit cards, wallets etc. This is the reason why women will take time to look at several considerations before they purchase a handbag or a purse. Retailers have different types of handbags and purses and a women needs to know the purpose for which they want to buy one so that they have one for every occasion they will be attending every once in a while.  


If you are looking for a handbag that has additional storage you will do well with a typical purse of a conventional handbag. There is almost always a bigger version of most models and, as a result, you can always find something that matches your taste and style. When you have a bigger bag, you will definitely manage all the stuff that you want to take along with you and it can even be adapted to becoming a travel bag especially in air travel. You can actually be allowed to carry your large bag into the aircraft and your possessions will be close to you as you travel.

When shopping for a purse, it is important for a woman to make sure that she looks for genuine designer brands; there are too many imitations that don’t give value for money. There are different simple ways you can easily identify a genuine brand if you are just but a little careful. As an example, you can be almost sure that a street vendor will not be selling a genuine item; you don’t expect to part with peanuts and still hope against hope that what you are buying is something genuine. Manufacturers of original genuine purses use high quality materials and they also take time to make them and, as such, you get what you pay for.

You need to know the brand names and their logos in order for you to identify the high quality purse you are trying to purchase; is a handbag or a purse doesn’t have a logo or an emblem, it doesn’t matter how genuine it looks, chances are that you are dealing with a fake. Always check to make sure that the handbag or purse has the designer’s identifying logo with the name spelled correctly; you should beware of imitations whose names look very close to the original to such an extent that many buyers who are not careful don’t get to discover until it is too late.

Last but not least, a woman needs to know how to blend the color of their handbag or purse with their wardrobe and its contents. You don’t need to be a designer in order to know what colors will blend with the dresses you plan to put on for any occasions you intend to attend. When you manage to match your clothes with your handbag, you make a big fashion statement and you can be sure that your appearance will give you plenty of favorable attention.

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How To Stay Modest And Stylish As You Move Through Life

Sunday, September 8th, 2013

As we get older, the way we dress changes. Some people accept this and even look forward to a time when they can dress without the pressure of youth leaning on them. Others find it difficult to adapt to a changing body and changing the clothes they wear.

However, for women moving into their 40s, advancing years don’t have to mean moving from clothes that look good. While we’re not about to start with any cliché laden phrases like “50 is the new 30,” that’s certainly the type of positive approach you need to take to fashion.

Here are some ideas that will help you dress modestly while continuing to look stylish well into your 40s and beyond.

Avoid Patterns

We’re going to get this idea out of the way early. Getting older used to mean getting to grips with the fact that everything in our wardrobe would be sporting a pattern of some description, and usually ones that aren’t very nice.

Fashion has turned on its head when it comes to patterns in recent years, however, and they are definitely something that are now aimed at those looking to dress younger.

While some patterns might look tasteful, they’ll probably do exactly what you don’t want them to and make you look like you’re clinging to times past.

Think Classic and Timeless

‘Fast fashion’ is all the rage for younger people; pick something up off the peg, wear it a few times, and then discard it when it is no longer ‘in.’

It’s time to let go of that attitude, if the strain on your finances such an approach brings didn’t inspire you to do so already!

To get modest and stylish, it is time to focus on things that look classic and timeless. That means professional looking black dresses or trouser suits for work and coming up with some amazing jeans, blouse, and blazer combinations for casual situations that will never get old!

Building in Accessories

As we age, the way we approach accessories within our dress sense changes. When we’re younger, we tend to own a large number of accessories that are purchased specifically to go with certain outfits. These lack personal connotations and are literally just appearance enhancers.

The accessories you wear now should be like the rest of your clothes; timeless, classic, and a reflection of who you are. Whether that means an expensive watch, designer pieces of jewellery from somewhere like Tiffany & Co, or a new wedding ring, how you do it is up to you, but you need to make your accessories personal.

Aiming for Comfort

The key to all of this is finding things you’re comfortable wearing and are happy doing so. Relieve yourself of the pressure of feeling like you have to dress in a certain way, and go for relaxed styles that enable you to demonstrate your personality in a modest, stylish manner, without having to go over the top at all.

Without this, nothing will work. Take the time to discover the modest clothes that look best on you and make you feel amazing, and fashion as you move through life will come easier with each passing year.

Hollie is a passionate fashion lover with an interest in niche fashions and accessories, constantly checking out products like the hijab pins at Aab Collection to see how they fit into their niche, in this case, Islamic fashion.